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April 17 2015

April 05 2015

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Diane & Ray: Egg show

November 19 2014

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Xylophage on Google Maps (FLG 2013)

November 02 2014

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FLG April 3rd 2013 time lapse

September 30 2013

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Flight Deck - CGA
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Vortex - CGA

September 14 2013

July 03 2013

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Taxi & takeoff at JFK - DL141

July 02 2013

May 05 2013

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Five minutes of Fire Art

April 23 2013

April 04 2013

March 09 2013

January 11 2013

September 04 2012

David Dolphin photographed by Kevin Abosch
copyright 2012 Kevin Abosch / www.kevinabosch.com

July 03 2012

Every minute of working with Gimp doubles my sarcasm about "Linux on the desktop". Maybe in 3000, fucking hippies.

July 01 2012

@Drumurboy I had my microphone through Audition. ;)

May 10 2012

@ballibeg http://t.co/vQSyoYaw Shocking but inspirational blog. Keep going, Big love from Jamie x

May 06 2012

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Augmented Reality Sandbox with Real-Time Water Flow Simulation

April 21 2012

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Squaw Valley - April 2012
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